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Zain Hussein BexSc

Exercise Science & Chemistry


Zain Hussein graduated from the University of Toledo in 2016 with an education in Exercise Science and Chemistry. Harboring an interest with understanding the contributing factors that affect the human body for the purposes of athletics and performance from a young age, he began cultivating his knowledge of fitness and nutrition even prior to his formal education. Mr. Hussein found success in assisting all manner of athletes and hobbyists to lose, gain, or maintain weight while increasing fitness utilizing a myriad of training and nutritional protocols to help them achieve their desired goals.

One part of the medical weight loss program offered at Synergy Primary Care and Wellness, Mr. Hussein utilizes a lifestyle coaching approach to help clients achieve their ideal health goals regardless of their starting fitness and motivation levels. After the first session, clients walk away with detailed actionable steps personalized to the client’s current health, work schedule, level of motivation, and resources available to them so that there is no more guesswork involved in their journey towards wellness.

“One of my main goals is to ensure there are as few barriers to entry for the client as possible, wellness should not be the convoluted, contradictory headache it is today”

Qualification & Experience

  • Education: University of Toledo (2016)
  • Specialities: Exercise Science & Chemistry


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Phone: (419) 725-2527


4895 Monroe St, Toledo, OH 43623, USA

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