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Dr. Habeeb Arar, MD. DABPN


Dr. Habeeb Arar is a psychiatrist in Toledo, Ohio and is affiliated with multiple hospitals in the area, including Arrowhead, ProMedica Flower Hospital. He received his medical degree from University of Basrah Faculty of Medicine and has been in practice for more than 20 years.

Dr. Arar received the Top Psychiatrists Award in 2015.

He has considerable experience in the treatment of psychiatric disorders, including depression, bipolar disorder, anxiety disorders, and schizophrenia. Compared to other providers, he is unique in that he has a special interest in the treatment of chemical dependency. Whether it be alcohol, prescription medications, cannabis, cocaine, or any other substance of abuse, Dr. Arar practices addiction psychiatry at Arrowhead Behavioral Health, which offer inpatient and out outpatient treatment. Arrowhead Behavioral Health is a hospital that helps individuals that are “dual” diagnosed with substance abuse issues and mental health illnesses.

Dr. Arar is no longer providing outpatient medication-assisted therapy with Suboxone (generically known as buprenorphine). If you are interested in Suboxone, then please see Dr. Arar at Arrowhead Health.

Dr. Arar practiced for several years as a General Practitioner physician overseas, before moving to Ohio. He has published research dealing with Functional MRI images and the brain, affiliated with Wayne State University. He completed his psychiatric residency at University of Toledo Medical Center, where he participated in administrative duties as Chief Resident.

Dr. Arar also worked extensively at the Northwest Ohio Psychiatric Hospital, where he had forensic duties in addition to his clinical work and teaching role as Clinical Assistant Professor for UTMC’s medical students.

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